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Ongoing development of your people – 3 Chats

Leading learning in three short chats. A simple and practical approach that makes it easy for leaders to have fast, rich development conversations with a focus on value to the individual, team and organisation.

Developing, or growing capability in others is an important skill for any leader

But the development of that skill doesn’t always come naturally and opportunities to learn it aren’t easy to come by.

We specialise in growing that skillset and related behaviours, with a focus on simplicity.

3-Chats is a simple and practical approach, embedded within tools that make it easy for leaders to develop capability within the individuals in their teams and ultimately within the organisation itself.

We see the biggest changes in people’s performance on-the-job when there is not only something in it for them, but also for the team and the wider organisation they’re a part of. This agreed and aligned value underpins 3-Chats.

We offer an integrated approach to implementing 3-Chats; a complete toolset for immediate use on-the-job, along with a ‘turn-key’ learning experience.

“I really enjoyed this course as it is focused on people, and I think people is all that matters! Results, outputs etc… will come, if you find a way of keeping someone motivated and engaged. Also, the beauty of these courses is the time you get to take, stop and reflect on yourself. I love this! I often forget to do it on my own, and courses like this one are a great opportunity to focus.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed it. I also found the interaction with others in the session invaluable. As a new leader, it was great to get insight from more experienced leaders.”

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