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Executive and Leadership Teams

Set strategy, drive culture change and establish performance metrics to see your organisation or business unit succeed. Our approach is tailored to meet the needs of your top leaders.

Getting executive and leadership teams to work well together is critical for the health of the organisation. Where this doesn’t occur the organisation will underperform, and a cascade of competitive silos occur.

Some teams pull together to achieve great things for their organisation, while others meander along with team members functioning as representatives of their part of the business, without any focus on collaboratively working together.

This representative approach misses the opportunity to work together on the things that matter most and create the maximum benefit for the organisation.

Most great business teams, much like sports teams, don’t do it alone. They need some support to achieve greatness. This is why UPDRAFT exists — to support good teams to become great and do great things.

Building strong foundations: Form2Perform-Exec

Form2Perform-Exec launches new executive and leadership teams on a different path by building a strong foundation early.

These teams need to take time out as early as possible to understand their role, clarify who they serve and what they as a group are uniquely able to provide.

When an organisation is under pressure and change is called for, the direction and priorities from the executive and leadership teams are key. They need to be able to prioritise for the entire organisation and pool resources to get the most leverage.

As part of the Form2Perform-Exec process, team member coaching is provided to help the team get the greatest contribution from each of its members.

Teams will learn to:

  • Build trust and strengthen relationships
  • Make collective team decisions efficiently
  • Deal with tensions between members
  • Give each other feedback and hold each other accountable for performance and progress
  • Prioritise and limit workloads
  • Efficiently complete the work of the team outside of team meetings
  • Communicate as a unit.

“Peer feedback is a powerful way of improving as an individual and also building relationships as a team”

Performance improvement: Sprint2Eight

Executive and leadership teams need to regularly review and reset priorities, review performance as a team and reflect on what they could be doing better.

Sprint2Eight is the vehicle for executive and leadership teams to do this. It is based on the three lenses of team performance: strategy, leadership, and team. It is also linked to the work a team may have completed under Form2Perform-Exec.

What to expect

Sprint2Eight gets the team to review itself against 30 team success parameters and quantifies their collective responses.

The debriefing process helps team members to discover how aligned or disparate the views of the team are and uncovers what needs to change. We then support the team (as much or as little needed) to implement the performance lifting changes.

The results of each survey drive the team to agree on the areas that they will tackle as a priority to lift performance. Typically, a team would review its performance and track improvement over 1-2 years.

“It’s all about clarity, and naming and addressing the issues we’re experiencing. Creating space to do so is critical.”

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