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Frontline and Project Teams

Shaping the way teams work together to deliver the results you’re striving for. We’ll look at how to find efficiencies in your processes, streamline workflow and improve the way the team works together to achieve more.

Developing a great team is not usually something that happens by chance.

To become great, teams need to pay attention to what they need to achieve, how they can best work together to achieve this, and how to get the best from every member of the team.

Having a happy team on its own does not deliver high performance. Work with us and see your team develop and perform at its best. We’ll spend time understanding your needs and then tailor our Form2Perform, Three2One or Agilify team development experiences to meet those needs.

Launch your team: FORM2PERFORM

More often than not, many operational, front-line or support teams operate like a collection of individuals reporting to a line manager.

Each team member has a job to do, and they have not considered how they might pull together to develop better ways of working, fix recurring problems, implement process changes, serve their customers and stakeholders better or work better with other teams.

They are often heavily reliant on the manager to make many of the everyday decisions and to solve everyday problems.

Getting organised – building the foundation

Form2Perform is a team development framework that sets the team on a new path. A tools-based experience to help teams get organised, find ways to work better as a unit and execute on any change expectations.

Form2Perform helps teams to build a foundation from which to improve performance by working better together.

Implementing change – getting engagement

Teams are often the recipients of change driven from the top. When new teams are formed or teams are changed to respond to changes from above, there is a performance lag and even resistance that occurs.

Form2Peform helps teams address their role, organise what most needs to be done and how they can get the most out of each other to implement their part of the change and adjust to any related changes to the organisation.

“Wow, I learnt a lot. Who our team services was a big one. I can focus better now, on doing that well.”

Enhancing team performance: Three2One

We think most teams don’t come close to reaching their potential. They’re either not clear about their goals and how they might achieve them, or they’re not clear about how they could work most effectively together, or both. Sometimes, individual personalities and conflicts can undermine performance.

When teams are supported through a mechanism or framework, it creates a common language to help them find clarity in what’s needed for them to work better together and achieve great results.

Three2One is a framework and a team survey that helps teams to diagnose where they are strong and where they need to focus, and then plan how they can achieve great things.

Shifting teams to agile ways of thinking: AGILIFY

Agilify is a fresh and innovative approach to providing teams and their leaders a transition to becoming more agile, responsive and change oriented.

It’s perfect for teams wanting to develop more customer-centred, collaborative, self-directed, and innovative ways of working.

Expectations on organisations are changing and the pressure is on to respond. There is an increasing need to be:

More responsive to changing customer needs

More empowering and engaging for the people in the organisation

More collaborative across teams and business units

More innovative and continuously improving.

What to Expect

Using Agilify, the team is upskilled in new ways of working by learning and doing, using talented and experienced team coaches in workshops that suit the timing and budget of the team.

Teams with their coaches focus on selecting improvements that achieve a high value to effort ratio. This means prioritising improvements that create more value for customers (or other stakeholders) than the effort and time needing to be invested by the team.

“Connection with each other is a key aspect of forming a strong team along with clear purpose and strategy.”

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