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Learning Transfer

Making learning stick, it’s what we do. What’s the point in investing in your people if you don’t see a demonstrable shift in skills, behaviours and performance as a result – that’s what we call learning transfer.

The learning doesn’t stop.

When the formal part of the learning comes to a close – arguably that when it begins as learners move from the knowing to the doing – as they seek to implement what they’ve learned, try new skills and work differently. The learning event is the catalyst, but what happens afterwards is where the real value comes from.

We’ve created a raft of ways of ensuring that as an organisation you get a higher return on investment from the learning experience. We wrap tools, support and coaching around leadership programmes so learnings can be transferred across all sectors of your organisation.

“It’s a valuable programme and is proving beneficial for some of the team as a good learning opportunity.”

Our learning transfer services fall into two main categories: 

Programme Tools and Techniques for Learning Transfer

Making learning stick in a way that works for your organisation. We tailor our approach to meet your needs offering both in-depth and light-touch learning transfer tools and support.

Ongoing Development of Your People –
3 Chats

Leading learning in three short chats. A simple and practical approach that makes it easy for leaders to have fast, rich development conversations with a focus on value to the individual, team and organisation.

Work with us and find a new way of learning that sticks.

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