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Mentoring Programmes

Workshops and toolkits to prepare mentors, and those being mentored, for mentoring programmes run by your organisation.

Mentoring is increasingly important in today’s workplaces because:

Impacts from the pandemic and working from home trends mean people are more isolated from their colleagues and leaders.

Teams are becoming more agile, working increasingly in a more self-directed and semi-autonomous manner.

Leaders are increasingly time pressured and are decreasing in numbers making it more difficult to support individual staff.

What we offer

Updraft offers a range of mentoring workshops, programmes and services covering:

Mentoring skills for organisational mentors

Mentee preparation

Setting up an internal mentoring programme

Resources to support mentors

We have a raft of resources available to support the establishment of a mentoring programme within your organisation. Resources include:

Advice on how to become an effective workplace mentor

Information on developing a mentoring programme

A quick guide for how to use senior team members as mentors.

To find out more

Why choose Updraft to support your mentoring programme?

Updraft is a proud and inspired provider of people, leadership and team development programmes, products and consulting.

We are innovators in teaching and development approaches, bringing years of coaching, mentoring, leadership, teams, and technology experience into one complete package.

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