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Technical Coaching – Side By Side Skills

Upskilling your technical leaders to support the development of colleagues – watch them take an active role in the growth of their peers and see your organisation benefit.

On the job learning is critical

Continual learning and development is critical for all of us in the modern workplace. In reality a lot of this learning happens on the job and is best supported by peers. This programme will provide your people with the skills needed to help their peers develop and grow.

Your people will learn to:

Reflect on the difference they can make in their colleagues’ development

Make a plan to increase the impact they are having on the development of the people around them

The programme is underpinned by the Updraft Workplace Development Landscape™

“One of the training/learning highlights of my career. Really good course, highly recommend!”

What participants can expect

This is a multi-element, highly engaging discussion-based experience that is led by top rated coach-facilitators.

The programme runs over 6-8 weeks and finishes with an Action Learning Group session, for review and reflection on progress.

Choose between in person or live online Zoom/Teams workshops held every two weeks with:

  • Modules that build on each other
  • Concepts, readings and videos from contemporary thought leaders
  • Independent preparation and reflection work to be submitted throughout

Targeted support to embed learning

Managers of participants will be invited to support their leaders and will receive their own instruction materials and coaching.

“How interactive it was. There was an element of the course that suited each learning style and there were lots of opportunities to discuss what we were learning. Really enjoyable.”

Look under the hood!

Want to trial the programme? Get in touch about sending a person or two on our next public programme and we’ll give you a discount for trialling the programme.

Want to see results and feedback on previous programmes?

“The course provides a fantastic framework for coaching and teaching technical topics.”

About Updraft

Updraft is a proud and inspired provider of people, leadership and team development programmes, products and consulting.

We are innovators in teaching and development approaches, bringing years of coaching, leadership, teams, and technology experience into one complete package

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