Leadership development – helping people be better at work.

Empowering organisations and individuals to shift their approach to leading people and teams. We’ll help you make the changes needed to propel your organisation, and your career forward.

What we do at Updraft

Our experienced team has spent years developing and delivering leadership learning experiences and support for some of the country’s leading companies, organisations and people leaders.

We provide a raft of leadership development programmes for individuals as well as partnering with organisations to upskill their leaders, develop teams and drive improvements at all levels of leadership.

Are you looking for professional development on behalf of your organisation or for you and/or your team?

Working with organisations

Engage us as your People Development Partner and we’ll sit alongside your organisation on the journey to shift culture, shift strategy and embrace the future.

Working with you or your team

We will equip you with the skills and methods to shift your approach to leadership, build trust with your team and establish a high-performance culture.

“We didn’t anticipate we would attract our tier 3 leaders to the programme in the way that we did. And what was interesting was that where we saw the impact of this was in the engagement survey results from their direct reports, which had not been tracking very well at that time. We are now pleased and proud that our engagement surveys results tell us that most people feel that they can have fair and open conversations with their leaders.”

People – Coaching for Performance Client

Why Updraft?

Updraft is your preeminent leadership and team development specialists.

We’ve created development experiences, and tools, that arm you and your organisation with what’s needed to develop individuals into exceptional leaders and transform teams into cohesive high performing entities.

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Upcoming Events

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