For Your Organisation

Powering up Leaders to Coach for Performance

Equipping your leaders with practical and clever techniques to lead, coach, empower and support development. You’ll be thrilled with the positive impact on your organisation.

We’ll tailor our Leading People Coaching for Performance programme to suit the needs of your organisation.

Whether you’re looking to develop a group of new people leaders or ones who feel they’ve earned their stripes, this programme will help all leaders reflect on their current leadership practice.

You can be confident that participants will graduate having made a number of changes and committing to leading in a new way.

Your leaders will learn to:

Empower their teams to solve problems, improve from self-reflection and welcome feedback

Get the most out of one-on-one conversations with their people

Manage challenging conversations on behaviour and performance

“For us rolling out this programme was about shifting coaching from being a compliance activity that is done every fortnight and is all about the work, to leaders and their people having conversations about what’s going on in their wider world that takes in the whole person.

Some of our leaders, after doing the programme, expressed the concern that ‘our people won’t recognise this as coaching’. My response was “Great!”.

What participants can expect :

Live online (three half-day online workshops) or in person delivery (two full day workshops) – your choice.

  • Learning from the best – contemporary thought-leaders share their thoughts
  • Modules include readings, reflection work and independent learning components
  • Earning support during and after the programme to support you to lead your people

The programme runs over 6-8 weeks and finishes with an Learning and application review session for review, and reflection on progress.

Targeted support to embed learning

Managers of participants will be invited to support their leaders and will receive their own instruction materials and coaching.

About Updraft

Updraft is a proud and inspired provider of people, leadership and team development programmes, products and consulting.

We are innovators in teaching and development approaches, bringing years of coaching, leadership, teams, and technology experience into one complete package.

“I really enjoyed this course as it is focused on people, and I think people is all that matters! Results, outputs etc… will come, if you find a way of keeping someone motivated and engaged. Also, the beauty of these courses is the time you get to take, stop and reflect on yourself. I love this! I often forget to do it on my own, and courses like this one are a great opportunity to focus.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed it. I also found the interaction with others in the session invaluable. As a new leader, it was great to get insight from more experienced leaders.”

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