“Conversations to Keep Lawyers Away” Webinar

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A failing employment relationship in a team, is a situation most leaders dread. It can cause huge harm for all involved – often over quite a long period. But as I discovered in my recent conversation with Rachel Burt (employment barrister, Kanuka Chambers) getting a lawyer with a restorative focus involved early in the process can help to achieve outcomes that are better for everyone.

In particular, Rachel

  • Shared several case studies which demonstrated some approaches to addressing employment issues that helped lead to a more constructive outcome – and some that didn’t
  • Explained how communication for the purpose of seeking legal advice can make some communications privileged and therefore protected from scrutiny in litigation
  • Explained how a carefully managed ‘without prejudice’ (or “off the record”) conversation can enable an honest conversation between a manager and an employee where, for example, it has become clear that they are not a good fit for the role – and consequently an exit that is less destructive for all parties
  • Discussed the growing role of restorative practices in resolving employment issues and what this approach can offer

Thanks so much Rachel

If you would like to review the video you can find it here. If you want to hear more from Rachel, connect with her here.

If you work with leaders who would be interested in developing their skills at, among other things, having the kind of questions that prevent issues getting to this point, we have a public cohort of our very successful Leading People – Coaching For Performance Programme starting in May – registration here.

Slides are viewable below and downloadable.

Webinar – Conversations to Keep Laywers Away_002
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