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Executive & Leadership Coaching

Providing you with the coaching or mentoring you need to lift your leadership.

Our coaches have extensive experience supporting individuals across a wide range of organisations, roles and levels.

What we do

We’ll support you, through informal conversational questioning, to achieve set objectives and overcome challenges. We can also support you to develop a specific capability, such as executive presence or influencing skills, depending on what you need.

We commonly support leaders with:

  • Career and role transitions
  • Strategic leadership and planning
  • Developing a new team 
  • Leading organisational change
  • Achieving a more sustainable work-life balance
  • Building confidence to lead or operate in a new role
  • Developing more self-awareness and improving relationships

Our approach

Firstly, we’ll meet with you on a ‘no obligation, no fee’ basis. We suggest you meet with at least two coaches before making a final selection.

At this introductory session we want to learn what areas of support you need and will spend time talking about how we coach. It’s also an opportunity to discuss how your manager can be involved and provide input into the coaching.

Once you have selected one of our coaches to work with you, you’ll be asked to provide your coaching objectives. We will send you a coaching agreement that formally outlines our role and your commitment to the relationship and associated objectives.

How coaching works

Our typical coaching relationship is set up for a six-month period. Each session lasts for one hour, and the frequency of these sessions is flexible but range from two-four weeks apart.

Following each session, we will ask for your insights, the actions you plan to take and how you found the session. We use this to check on progress and the effectiveness of each session.

We can offer you a range of workstyle and communication preference profile tools if that is something we feel will help.

We are also likely to provide readings, videos and tools to assist with the coaching.

All details of our relationship with you are kept strictly confidential unless otherwise agreed.

Our process

We typically invoice you for the entire relationship after the second successful month of coaching.

At the end of the relationship a number of things happen:

Final three-way meeting with the sponsor (if this was agreed)

A self-assessment of progress against the coaching objectives

An online coaching evaluation survey

“I have quite enjoyed exploring personal values and have tied it to organisational values – perhaps this might be helpful framing for your other clients too.”

Meet Our Coaches

Saskia Knibbeler

Shaun Sheldrake

Toby Cooper

Jenny Miller

Belinda Byrant

Work with us and take your leaders to the next level.

“Overall the coaching sessions challenged me in a way that motivated and prompted me to review and improve my approach to problems.”

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