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Programme tools and techniques for learning transfer

Making learning stick in a way that works for your organisation. We tailor our approach to meet your needs offering both in-depth and light-touch learning transfer tools and support.

Do you find that your people seem to almost instantly forget what they’ve learnt just days (sometimes even hours) after a new learning experience? This is a well-documented phenomenon and one we’re helping to change.

Managers of learners, along with the environment the learner ‘returns to work’ in play an integral role in determining whether learning is applied on-the-job at the completion of the learning experience. But research shows that without the right support for managers, very little happens.

To overcome this challenge, we wrap learning transfer tools (for learners and managers) around learning experiences.

ONE30 – light touch learning transfer

We’re fans of simplicity! One30 is the philosophy that sits at the heart of our 1-Up Leader/Manager engagement; it minimises the amount of time needed from leaders and managers while setting up a repeatable development focussed coaching interaction with team members.

During a One30 deployment, leaders and managers are taught, equipped and coached to help team members identify and then focus on implementing a series of One30 challenges to drive maximum value from the learning experience.

By removing the thinking and planning effort for the managers of learners, we make it easy for them to follow through with quick, focused coaching interactions with their team members to increase the amount of learning applied on the job.

“I found the manager feedback discussions helpful. Thanks – it was a good course.”

LEXWRAP – fully integrated learning transfer support/system

With One30 as the primary building block, a complete or fully integrated learning transfer approach provides the tools, process and support needed for a learner to rapidly embed their learning back into the work they do. Managers of learners are similarly equipped and coached to support their team member(s) to apply learning and achieve the ‘lift’ desired.

A complete solution could include action learning groups (ALG), videos, boost emails and eLearning to keep the content fresh, along with tips and techniques for overcoming challenges while implementing new learning on the job.

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“As I was also in this course, it has been great to see how my direct report has used the knowledge gained and used as a direct result form your teaching.”

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