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Leading Teams Aotearoa

A uniquely Aotearoa programme helping leaders instil their teams with feelings of purpose, belonging, inclusion and collaboration.

This programme is specifically designed for people leaders and managers of front-line or delivery teams. During this 16 week learning experience participants will be exposed to Māori and Western team leadership and development concepts.

Participants will learn to:

Use Aotearoa’s unique bi-cultural background to share, acknowledge and adopt more inclusive approaches to leading.

Become aware of their own mindsets, behaviours and habits and how these influence and impact how their teams operate.

Lift collaboration within their team by creating a culture of psychological safety and inclusion.

Identify and implement strategies that will lead to better delegation, coaching and empowerment of the team.

Lift cooperation and collaboration between their team members and with other the teams and stakeholders.

What makes this programme unique?

  • Weaving Māori and Western leadership concepts by programme facilitators to give a uniquely NZ centric blend of leadership.
  • Focusing on strategies to unify, align and lift teams.
  • Using learning teams for testing techniques, ongoing coaching support from facilitators and engagement with your managers.


Phil Hartwick

Originating from the US, travelling around the world for most of his life to ultimately land permanently in New Zealand, Phil has developed a passion for helping people communicate, understand each other so that they can work better together.

Not surprisingly, this had led him to become a team coach and facilitator, developing many tools and strategies along the way.

Reremoana Ormsby

Ko Hikurangi te maunga
Ko Waiapu te awa
Ko Horouta te waka
Ko te Whanau-ā-Ruataupare te hapū
Ko Ngāti Porou te iwi

Reremoana is a te reo Māori first-language speaker who brings a wealth of knowledge of Te Ao Māori, tikanga and storytelling to her approach to facilitation.

New to teaching as a profession, but not new to leading, Reremoana is a warm and engaging speaker and a highly capable coach who brings an authentic Māori lens and kaupapa to this programme.

Programme overview

 – Noho marae (visit and stay – 2 days)

 – Kōnae tuatahi – Building relationships  (online – 3.5 hours)

 – Kōnae tuarua – Team culture & behaviours (online – 3.5 hours)

 – Kōnae tuatoru – Team purpose & vision (online – 3.5 hours)

 – Kōnae tuawhā – Team rituals and practices (online – 3.5 hours)

 – Kōnae tuarima – Collaboration (online – 3.5 hours)

 – Hurō – Celebration – Marae based (face-to-face – half-day)

 – Reconnect and Refresh session (online – 1.5 hours)

Additionally: 4 one on one coaching sessions, 4 learning
buddy group sessions and 2 manager engagements across the

Fee per person: $4,435 (+ GST)

“This opportunity to really focus on my own leadership and connect with other like-minded people in this space, came at the most valuable time and gave me a range of viewpoints, strategies, and approaches that I can put into my kete of leadership and draw on for many many days to come.”

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